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CONTEST PREPARATION: The Importance of Posing Practice

By Skip La Cour

You’ve Done Everything It Takes To Build A Great Body So Do Yourself A Big Favor And Do Everything It Takes To Present It Well On Stage

Practicing your posing is very important. There's absolutely no doubt about it! If you are going to go through all the time and effort of dieting, weight training, cardiovascular training, and sacrificing a lot of the more enjoyable things in life to enter a bodybuilding contest, you should take a just a little bit more time and effort to make sure you present what you've created in the best possible manner.

I urge bodybuilders not to worry too much about posing on contest day until the it is the right time. Instead, I recommend that you put all of your focus and energy toward creating the outstanding big, full, muscular, and lean physique that you want to present on the special day. I suggest that competitive bodybuilders should not start posing until about six or so weeks out from their show.

At the six-week point, it's now time to start practicing your posing.

When you begin your posing practice, it's extremely important that you make sure you are hitting each of the poses correctly. I don't care how many hours of posing practice you put into the presentation of your physique if you do not poses correctly when the day of your show arrives.

That's why you must get off to a good start when you begin your posing practice. Hire a posing coach who lives nearby for personal instruction if possible. A posing coach can be any current or former competitive bodybuilder in your local area who you feel is experienced, qualified, and willing to help. You should also invest in instructional posing videos.

Take control of the quality of your posing yourself by taking still digital camera images and video footage. Before you get too far along into the practicing process, you should break down the pictures and video footage--just as a coach would break down his team's play execution from game films. The couple of hours you spend to critique your presentation at the beginning will save you a significant amount of wasted time posing incorrectly without even realizing you are doing so.

When you start to practice, schedule your sessions at a certain time each day just as you would your meals, weight training workouts, or cardiovascular training sessions. Start out by doing three or four 30 minutes sessions a week and build from there as needed. During the last three weeks, I would recommend that you practice posing every single day.

Be structured in your approach to posing practice. Have a consistent and systematic plan during every practice session. You should start with the relaxed quarter turns, move on to the mandatory posing, then to your 60-second routine (without music), and finish off with your 90-second routine set to music. Practice your posing in this orderly fashion every single time you work on the proper presentation of your physique.

Although you'll only need to hold each pose for about five seconds during your contest, I would recommend that you hit each pose for 15 seconds as you practice. This way, you'll build up the physical and mental endurance you'll need to do the very best job of displaying the body you've worked so hard to create when the pressure is on.



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