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Post Holiday Stress Recovery

Holidays were meant to be fun; far too often unexpected house guests, hectic traffic, long hours of holiday shopping and holiday parties can leave you just plain worn out. Not to mention our strict diets tend to go out the window for the holidays. Unwanted weight gain and getting stressed out over the holidays can critically affect your adrenal glands.

Adrenal glands produce natural feel good hormones; they communicate with the thyroid gland and brain. Simply put, when they are stressed out and tired, so are you. Sound familiar? But by consuming small amounts of a high quality raw salt, you can combat simple levels of fatigue, stress and weight gain.

Benefits of unadulterated Himalayan and natural raw sea salt

· Assists in balancing the proper Ph levels in your body

· Promotes a mild form of cellular detoxification which can enhance your weight loss endeavors

· Supports a stronger immune system

· Promote a healthy blood pressure


Avoid table salt and some forms of salt labeled ‘sea salt’ can be toxic; these salts are chemically processed and heated to over 1200 degrees F which causes separation of the sodium from the chloride. Some of these sea salts are bleached, and contain talc and aluminum which helps ease the flow of salt through the shaker.

Use some or all of the tips below to get back on track now!


1. Consume small amounts of high quality raw salt.

2. Purchase Himalayan salt or raw Celtic salt.

3. Add a pinch of raw Celtic or Himalayan salt several times a day to your water.

4. Stress can lead to dehydration, but consuming too much water without trace minerals or raw salt can further drive your energy levels down.

5. Drink water daily. Aim to drink ½ your body weight in ounces with a pinch of raw salt.

6. Craving saltier foods is another sign of adrenal fatigue; instead of reaching for a bag of chips, reach for some high quality salt instead.

7. Don’t cook with salt; add it to your cooked food instead. It will be easier to control the amount.

A pinch or two of raw salt a day been known to improve energy levels.

When your adrenals are deficient they are in a weakened state; avoid eating sugar and sugary fruits until your adrenals gain some strength.


· Baked goods

· Processed and refined foods

· Soda

· Wheat

· Limit fruits

Toss your table salt (replace it with Himalayan or raw Celtic salt)

Overtime, saltier food cravings will lessen and your adrenalin fatigue will diminish, as a result your energy levels will improve. Then you can start to incorporate some potassium rich fruits back into your diet.


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