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POST WORKOUT window of opportunity

Many folks new to working out and weight lifting routines are not aware that your muscles do not grow while you’re in the gym. If you still think that all you have to do to grow big muscles is to hit the gym then you’re probably still struggling to meet your body’s full potential. I guarantee you bigger and better results if you just take advantage of the post-workout window of opportunity and feed your muscles exactly what they want to grow.

First things first, you have to realize that your muscles do not grow in the gym. What you’re actually doing when you push and pull weights is stretching and tearing the muscles underneath your skin. That’s why you get a pump when you’re really hitting your muscles hard... it’s your body reacting by rushing blood to the “injured” muscles. So if you don’t grow while you’re working out in the gym when do you grow?

Your muscles begin to grow when you leave the gym and you stop abusing them! Matter of fact, your muscles have an opportunity to start growing right after you leave the gym if you supply them with some crucial nutrients that they’re in desperate need of.

The crucial nutrients that your body and muscles need right after a workout are carbohydrates and protein. If you’re going to consume sugar this is the best time of the day to do it. Immediately following a workout your body is literally looking for something to burn as fuel because if you worked out the way you’re supposed to then you should have burned all the food you’ve consumed throughout the day. Now your body is running on empty and your muscles desperately need to start repairing themselves.

There are three nutrients you can take to not only give your body fuel to burn but also give your muscles what they need to start growing!

The three nutrients you need to take are a simple carbohydrate or any kind of sugar really. #Protein because your muscles are made up of protein and that’s what they need to grow. And finally you also want to take some kind of complex #carbohydrate to give your body something to burn beyond the first half hour because sugar is normally broken down or stored within 30 minutes of consumption. Since you only have about 30 minutes to take advantage of this “#postworkout window of opportunity” the best way to consume all of these nutrients is usually in the form of a protein shake. There are many brands on the market that make protein shakes specifically for post workout.

If you really want to start growing you’ll also consume a solid meal consisting of a source of protein and some complex carbohydrates within a couple of hours of your workout. Any type of red meat, chicken, turkey or fish will do for the protein and rice or potatoes are my favorites for the complex carbohydrate side. On the run? A good quality protien shake or meal replacement shake will do the trick!

Once you realize that growing bigger muscles is more then just working out in the gym and going through your current, workout you’ll be on the fast track to getting huge and reaping the full benefits of your workouts. Taking advantage of the post-workout window of opportunity is step one to reaching your muscles full potential but it should have a pretty dramatic impact on your growth.


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