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The Healing Benefits of Bone Broth

Bone broth is making a comeback as one of today’s hottest new food trends. It’s said, bone broth is a natural healer for anything from food allergies to aging! Although Grandma may have had the remedy all along, let’s dig into why it is such a hot topic.

Heals Gut Issues

With all the chemical laden food we have now-a – days, it’s not surprise food allergies and gut issues are on the rise. Instead of reaching for the nearest over the counter pill, grab a bowl of bone broth! Studies show that gelatin and collagen within the bones are beneficial for restoring strength of the gut lining, and fighting food sensitivities such as to wheat or dairy. It also helps with the growth of probiotics (good bacteria) in the gut, and supporting healthy inflammation levels in the digestive tract. A report published in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology found that gelatin effectively supports intestinal health and integrity.Keep in mind, about 89-90 percent of our immune system is in the gut, and if your gut is unhealthy, you will in turn be unhealthy. Bone broth is easily digested and soothing to the digestive system, unlike many other foods, which can be difficult to fully break down. After all, a healthy food is only useful for healing if we have the means of absorbing its nutrients.

Fights Inflammation

Unhealthy inflammation isn’t good for the body as it is known to causes diseases of all kinds. Bone broth has specific inflammation fighting properties like amino acids such as glycine, proline, and arginine. These all have anti-inflammatory effects on the body as a whole, of course, starting in the gut. Arginine, for example, has been found to be particularly beneficial for the treatment of sepsis5 (whole-body inflammation). Glycine also has calming effects, which may help you sleep better, and better sleep equals better health as well. Strengthens Bones

One of the most important minerals we all need for stronger bones is calcium. Bone broth has been known to promote healthy, strong bones due to the high amounts of calcium, magnesium, and other nutrients that play an important role in healthy bone formation. If our guts aren’t as healthy as they can be, it may be hard to absorb nutrients and vitamins that contribute to strong bones.

Boosts Detoxification

Today in the Western world, the average person is exposed to an array of environmental toxins, pesticides, artificial ingredients and chemicals of all sorts. While the human body has its own means of detoxifying itself from heavy metals and other toxic exposures, it often has a hard time keeping up when flooded with an overwhelming amount of chemicals. Bone broth is considered a powerful detoxification agent since it helps the digestive system expel waste and promotes the liver’s ability to remove toxins, helps maintain tissue integrity, and improves the body’s use of antioxidants. Bone broth contains potassium and glycine, which support both cellular and liver detoxification. Dr. Axe states “Some of the ways in which bone broth boosts detoxification is by supplying sulfur (especially when you add veggies, garlic and herbs to your broth) and glutathione, which is a phase II detoxification agent that lowers oxidative stress. Stanford University’s Medicine Preventative Research Center has found that glutathione helps with elimination of fat-soluble compounds, especially heavy metals like mercury and lead.”

Reduces joint pain and inflammation

Achy joints are no fun and can happen at any age for many reasons. One thing bone broth is famous for is the ability to take away pain within the joints. This is courtesy of chondroitin, collagen, sulphates, glucosamine, and other compounds extracted from the boiled down cartilage. Most joint supplements we see on the shelves are nothing compared to a homemade broth and they can be loaded with fillers and chemicals.

Fights Aging and promotes healthier skin

Collagen, we see it in many facial products such as lotions and eye care. It’s a vital component of maintaining the skins elasticity due to the fact that as we age, we lose more and more of the natural collagen. Collagen is the structural protein that builds strong skin and is highly sought out by the beauty industry. Bone broth also contains minerals that nourish the skin cells, and they calm inflammation in the body, and consequently on the face as well. This anti-aging beauty broth is a host of magnesium, potassium, and calcium, to amino acids, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and glucosamine glycans. Cheaper and more effective than any facial product on the market, you can guarantee it! Now that we’ve talked about how amazing bone broth really is, know that this doesn’t even touch the surface of the many other positive things it can do for the body. The only thing left you have to do is make it!

Bone Broth Recipe


  • Grass-fed organic beef or chicken bones- or any mixture of bones from wild or pasture-raised, healthy animals.

  • Purified water

  • 1 tablespoon vinegar (apple cider or white)


  1. Place bones into a large crockpot. You only need a few bones to make broth, but the more you can fit in the crockpot the better. (You can cook on stove just as easily)

  2. Fill with filtered water to cover all the bones completely (it’s okay if there are a few bones poking out of the water a little).

  3. Add a splash (about 1 tablespoon) of vinegar.

  4. Set your crockpot on low, and cook for at least 6 hours, preferably longer. Poultry bones can go as long as 24 hours, and beef bones can simmer for up to 48 hours.

  5. When the crockpot is cool enough to handle, pour the broth through a sieve into a storage container or use tongs to pick the bones out.

  6. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Use within 5 - 7 days or freeze for later.


  • After cooling in the refrigerator, you may get a thick layer of fat on top of your broth. You can scrape that off and discard.

  • Please note the addition of vinegar as it is very important in the process of expelling nutrients, Not only are fats are ideally combined with acids like vinegar, but when it comes to making broth, the vinegar helps leech all those valuable minerals from the bones into the stockpot water, which is ultimately what you'll be eating. The goal is to extract as many minerals as possible out of the bones into the broth water. Bragg's raw apple cider vinegar is a good choice as it's unfiltered and unpasteurized.

  • If cooking on stove, bring pot to a boil and then cover and turn on low.

  • Veggies are amazing in bone broth and if you choose to add them, I recommend adding them (chopped) about 30 -45 minutes before broth is ready. Adding Garlic will also aide in the healing process of many things in the body as it is a natural antifungal and antibiotic. Some veggies and herbs that add great flavor to the broth are- Onion, Leek, Carrot, Garlic, Celery, Whole Pepper corns, Red Pepper Flakes, Parsley. Bay Leaf, Rosemary, Basil, Thyme, Sage and Ginger. Avoid using broccoli, turnip peels, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, green peppers, collard greens, or mustard greens, as they will make your broth bitter.

Calories in Chicken Bone broth per cupCalories 50, Fat 3 grams, Carbs 2 grams, sugar 2 grams, protein 10 grams, cholesterol 0 grams, Trans Fat 0 grams



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