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The secret to getting a PERFECT BOOTY....

By Kayla Gagnon

I wish I knew it.

Just kidding... I DO!

Creating the butt of your dreams isn't an overnight happening. This is something that takes years of proper training and eating, but don't give up hope, even if you are just starting out, the process is fun and I think you'll love it.

Things to consider are what size of tooshie YOU find most attractive and would want to work towards, as well as your current size.

Personally I had the dream of a big old Brazilian style butt, nice firm and round. I at that point weighed a measly 112 lbs and honestly just didn't have enough density to my muscle mass in my body as a whole to support the mass of the butt I wanted.

My next step....

Building more muscle throughout my whole body.

If you a tiny little thing looking for a fuller backside, you need to remember that this dream butt is full of muscle, it's a lot of dense muscle in one small compacted place. To maintain the fuller glutes you will have to build up a stronger denser muscle mass through the whole body, so start lifting.


I am a huge fan of bodyweight training AS YOU KNOW!! However I can admit when extra weight is essential, and when it comes to BUILDING more MASS, it's essential.

You will also have to EAT to support the muscle gain. This will mean a slight increase in your macronutrients Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats. (Notice I said SLIGHT increase, don't go mowing burgers and ice cream ladies, I promise that will backfire ;)

Speaking with a professional nutritionist or conditioning coach with any questions you may have isn't a bad idea. You want to be doing this properly.

If you are a larger girl wanting a smaller booty then you are going to want to start HIIT-ing it! High Intensity Interval Training is the best way to shed extra pounds while toning all the goods up!

Think sprints, plyometric training, stair running etc...

Here are some of my personal favorite booty moves that I include in my weekly training: SQUATS for sure – Front and back

LUNGES – usually walking

BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUATS- Ohhhhh they are good, stationary or jumping

WEIGHTED HIP BRIDGE – I do 100 reps twice a week

Remember when I say this process takes time, I spent a good portion of last year focusing strictly on building my glutes up, and it was super fun. I am happy with my progress thus far, and will continue to build it up as the years go on, along with the rest of my physique. Regardless of where you would LIKE to be, try and remember that where you are is awesome, and what you are doing is even more awesome.






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