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By Jason Baca

Several months ago, I was walking out of a grocery store trying my absolute best to hang on to 6 gallons on spring water. As I made my way to the car I could feel the resistance that I’d never felt before. I shrugged the water up as if I was holding a bar for shoulder shrugs. I could see 2 people off in the distance in their car watching me with amazement as if I’d just dawned on something new! And…. I had!

After I’d put the waters in my trunk I began driving home. I started imagining all the different exercises and movements that were possible with these simple water jugs. By the time I got home, I already had a complete routine set up which was exactly the same as a workout I’d get from the gym.

This could be your new workout from home when you don’t feel like driving all the way to your local gym. The exercises I demonstrate here are with just one gallon in each hand but if you feel you want to challenge yourself, just grab another in each arm. On the other hand, if you want to go lighter, pore yourself a glass or 2 of water from each container to drop a little of the weight off.

Using water weights is particularly effective for shoulder & arm exercises but it can be used for lunges or chest if you have a park bench you can lay on. I believe that doing these exercises slowly is the best way to perform them. They will not make you strong as Arnold but they will however, bring in excellent definition and separation.

Can a person use water weights instead of actual free weights? Absolutely! A one gallon bottle of Crystal Geyser comes with its own hand grip so you can do a perfect range of motion same as you would if you were holding an actual weight. The idea of exercising with water weight is to slow it down and to feel the muscle contracting vs. how heavy the weight is you are moving. I just love working out with water weight in my own back yard because when I’m done I just bring the water back inside or put back in the refrigerator. You can do the exercises indoor or outdoor. If you want to work on your tan at the park while working your shoulders at the same time, why not!

Give it a shot, you may get hooked on water weights!


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