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DIY Natural Dog Shampoo

Make your own natural dog shampoo that will cost you a lot less; be specially customized for your dog's skin and would not strip it of its natural oils.


Some of the major ingredients that we would use in making this natural dog shampoo include:


Vinegar, which is also known as apple cider vinegar contains antibacterial properties and can also act as a natural deodorant for your dog. Although you may not like the strong smell, it doesn't linger, but dissipates and improves when you use it on your dog.

Castile Soap

Castile soap is made from olive oil. It is sold in liquid and solid forms and can be a very lovely ingredient to add to your homemade natural shampoo as it helps to moisturize your dog's skin.

Vegetable Glycerin

Another ingredient to add is vegetable glycerin as it helps to improve the shine of your dog's skin and coat. It also helps to replace some of the natural oils on your dog's skin so as to prevent drying out. You can easily purchase vegetable glycerin from food or grocery stores.

Essential Oils

You also want to include some essential oils like lavender, rose oil or tea tree oil. Essential oils perform multiple functions when added to natural dog shampoo. Tea tree oil for instance, helps to fight bacteria and fungi while lavender oil helps to give the shampoo a very good, lingering smell.

Natural Dog Shampoo Recipe

Get a small bottle with a lid and pour half a cup of liquid Castile soap in the bottle. Then add a quarter cup of vinegar along with one tablespoon of vegetable glycerin, one tablespoon of olive oil and two tablespoons of water. You can add any essential oil you choose, but ensure that you add just three or four drops to this recipe. You can also add Aloe Vera extracts to prevent and cure dog skin irritation.

Now pick up the bottle and shake vigorously for a few minutes so that the ingredients can be thoroughly mixed. And that's it; you have your natural dog shampoo ready to go. This soap lathers well and would help to protect your dog's skin from shampoos with harsh chemicals out there.