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The Mind & Muscle Breakfast!

Most households are filled with working men and women who wake up and rush to the coffee pot to get their energy fix to fill their busy days. As much as I personally love coffee I understand that this is not a replacement of quality nutrients that will give me cognitive and physical energy to help me perform my best throughout the day.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a bowl of cereal simply will not get the job done. Do you want to put on an outstanding performance day in and day out? Then you need to be maximizing the potential that macro and micronutrients have to offer!

Water – This is one of the most undervalued parts of a breakfast and for those of you who drink coffee you need even more of this! Start your day by drinking 32oz of water first thing after waking up to flush out toxins and begin the hydration process. Remember that your metabolism is still active while you sleep and water loss occurs through metabolism so it’s key that you make up for the 8 hours you were unable to drink water.

Mono, di, polysaccharide Carbohydrates – We have all heard about how important complex carbohydrates are for you but if you don’t want your brain to take 2 hours to wake up make sure you include some mono (I.E. Honey) and disaccharides (I.E. Strawberries) into your diet because they will release quicker in the body. Again it’s been 8 hours minimum since your last meal so your blood glucose levels have dropped and if you’re going to need some simple carbohydrates to balance out your blood sugar. Of course choose healthy and natural forms of this to ensure you get more nutrient value. Keep both in moderation.

Fast & Slow Release Protein – This is where a protein shake such as Whey Protein Isolate comes I handy. Having WPI with your breakfast will turn your muscles from catabolism to anabolism (muscle promoting). Couple this with some slower forms of protein such as eggs and you will have an awesome blend that gives you instant and sustained relief for your muscles and mind.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Don’t throw away those egg yolks! Eggs are a great source of omega 3’s so keeping 1 or 2 in each breakfast can really help your mind become and stay alert. Omega 3’s have numerous other benefits but for the purpose of this article you need to be sure these in your diet to maintain strong levels of concentration. You can also throw in a little flax oil into your protein shake or take a few fish oil capsules for more Omega 3’s.

Dark Leafy Greens – Do not miss this crucial part of your breakfast. The fiber and micronutrients is yet another way to maintain optimum energy levels in the day. You can include greens such as spinach in your eggs but I prefer greens to maintain uncooked so you can either blend them with your protein shake (spinach will not ruin the taste) or make a nice green juice. I also encourage using a concentrated greens powder.

Probiotics – I want all the previous to be effectively utilized by your body and including a probiotic supplement in your diet is a great way to do that. Our society is filled with anti-bacterial soaps, toothpastes, foods, and more. These anti-bacterial products also kill good bacteria that protect your body. Probiotics are the good bacteria that your body needs so give it to them!

Multi Vitamin/Mineral Supplement – Don’t neglect this. Even with an amazing breakfast such as this you will still not be getting 100% of your daily requirements for all micronutrients. This is your safety net to protect you and ensure no stone is left unturned. If we lived in a pollution free world with low daily stresses perhaps this would not be necessary but this is the world we live in and we need to go above and beyond to protect ourselves from the environment of today. It also is important to note that if you are a hard training athlete your requirements far exceed what the RDA advises.

Breakfast of Winners

2 eggs

1 cup Strawberries

1 teaspoon honey drizzled on strawberries

1 slice whole grain or brown rice bread

1 teaspoon almond butter spread on bread

1 cup green’s juice including spinach kale, and celery


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