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By Marzia Prince

As a fitness professional for the past 15 years I have seen exercise equipment and gadgets come and go. Some of these came and went faster than a speeding bullet and others are here to stay. But the one that stood out to me a few years back was the TRX Suspension Trainer and believe me, it is here to stay. This portable, high performance training system leverages gravity allowing the individual to use their own body weight for hundreds of exercises.

I have incorporated the TRX Suspension Trainer in my workouts for the past couple of years, but it wasn’t until recently that I wanted to take it to the next level and become really good at it. I decided to go get certified on the suspension trainer. I loved learning about it so much that I now have four TRX certifications and two more scheduled on the books later this year. One of my next fitness goals is to be a TRX master trainer.

The more I have educated myself on the suspension trainer, the more I am blown away how this one portable piece of equipment can do it all. It delivers a fast and effective total body workout that builds a rock solid core. Almost every exercise—whether upper, lower, cardio, or core (naturally)—involves the core. I love that all fitness levels from beginner to athlete can benefit from the suspension trainer. And the best part is that you can take it anywhere. You can throw it in your luggage and go. There is no assembly required. You can shut it in a door or hook it on a tree; you can even use it on a boat in the ocean. I have seen it all!

I love core work, and the suspension trainer really fires up the core muscles like never before. You won’t want to waste your time with crunches after training with this piece of equipment. I feel so much stronger than I ever did before. If you have never used the suspension trainer, I highly recommend it.

I get asked all the time, “What’s your secret to looking good at your age?” Well, I am here to tell you there is no secret. I eat high quality whole foods to endure my rigorous training schedule. I’m a fitness model and trainer, so my body is my billboard. I practice what I preach. Non-GMO whole foods paired with exercise is my lifestyle. It can be yours too; all you have to do is start. I promise you will thank yourself you started today.

Single Leg Chest Press: (Main Image on the opposite page) Start by standing facing away from the anchor. Extend arms out in front of shoulder level and keep weight on balls of feet. You can modify the resistance by moving your feet to back or front. Pick up one foot to engage core more. This is great for balance and stability. Keep body tight and engage core. Lower chest towards ground and bend elbows at 90 degrees. Press body back up, maintaining alignment.

Lunge: Stand facing away from anchor with one foot in the foot cradle. Drop down into a lunge while reaching back with suspended leg and lowering front knee to 90 degrees. Engage glutes, quads, and hamstring and drive up through front heel.

Plank: Kneel facing away from the anchor with both feet in the foot cradles, and align hands under shoulders. Engage core and lift knees off ground. Maintain body alignment from head to toes. Make sure not to hold your breath and to breathe through the movement. Do not let your hips drop too low or you will put stress on your lower back. When done holding plank, bring knees down.


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